The Tontec PiTFT is a good product, but the service is great. If you are having problems getting your Tontec PiTFT to work, contact them and they most likely will send you one that does. If you have followed their paper instructions, you might still have issues since there is at least one weird thing on their paper, for instance, I did not have to do the step #4 from the paper, since that file does not exist on my install.

Correct orientation of the PCB from the PiTFT onto the GPIO Pins of the Pi.

Follow These Steps:
   # update raspian
   sudo apt-get update
   sudo apt-get upgrade
   sudo reboot
   # update firmware
   sudo rpi-update
   sudo reboot
   # enable SPI
   sudo nano /boot/config.txt
   # add these lines (if they don't already exist) to the bottom of the file
   # save the file
   sudo nano /etc/modules
   # make certain there is a line (without a # infront of it) that looks like this:
   # save the file (if you had to edit it)
   sudo reboot
   # enable the framebuffer
   sudo nano ~/.profile
   # add this line to the bottom
   export FRAMEBUFFER=/dev/fb1
   # save the file
   # edit cmdline.txt
   sudo nano /boot/cmdline.txt
   # add console map and font at the end of the long line (do not make a new line)
   fbcon=map:10 fbcon=font:VGA8x8
   # save the file
   # reboot
   sudo reboot

Enjoy this great PiTFT.