This is a game where the MediaTek Labs LinkIt One plays an increasingly complex pattern of lights and the user has to mimic the pattern by pressing the button associated with the correct light for each step of the pattern. Each successive pattern is increased by one randomly generated light. If the player fails to play back the pattern the nucleo will rapidly flash the correct light that was missed.
   4 LEDs (1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Yellow, 1 Green)
   8 Resistors (220 Ohm)
   4 Buttons (Small)

   Teal Wires connecting Negative (Ground) Channel to components and GND in Power
   Red Wires connecting Positive (3.3v) Channel to components and 3V3 in Power
   Orange Wire connecting Red LED to Pin D9
   Orange Wire connecting Red Button to GPIO Pin D8
   Yellow Wire connecting Yellow LED to GPIO Pin D7
   Yellow Wire connecting Yellow Buton to GPIO Pin D6
   Green Wire connecting Green LED to GPIO Pin D5
   Green Wire connecting Green Button to GPIO Pin D4
   Blue Wire connecting Blue LED to GPIO Pin D3
   Blue Wire connecting Blue Button to GPIO Pin D2