Let Me In

This is a project that my good buddy and I made during the Feb 2015 AT&T Hackathon in Atlanta, GA. It was for their connected house (AT&T DigitalLife) and hardware challenge. We used the LinkIt One from MediaTek Labs because it has built in WiFi and our project had to interact with both a webserver and the AT&T DigitalLife APIs. The device we used was slightly different from the one I am showing here, because I enhanced it after the Hackathon for esthetic reasons.

Our Complete project was a Secure/Connected Pet Door. The Arduino device we made used Ultrasonic Sensors to detect the presence of an animal either inside the home or outside the doggy door. If the animal was inside, and they were approaching the door during the time they were allowed to leave, the system would send a message to the AT&T DigitalLife API service to unlock the doggy door. Once unlocked, the system waited for detection of the animal passing through the door. Once that was detected, or if it timed out, the system would send a Door Lock command to the AT&T DigitalLife API server.

If the detection was outside the home, then the system would send a command to the AT&T DigitalLife API service to take a picture. We built a mobile application that subscribed to the Picture Service Event and the picture was displayed to the user. The user could then click UNLOCK or LOCK and the door would be unlocked or remain locked.

If the door unlock command was sent, then the device would behave the same as it did when the animal left, detecting when it returned through the door, or locking the door if nothing entered the portal.

We talked about additional things to do (but remember we had only 12 hours or so to create this whole thing, hardware and software) like detecting when a person is home so that the door could unlock automatically without needed approval.
We also wanted to use RFID reader to verify the animal's ID but we did not have one (so I have since purchased one for future hacks).

If you are interested in making devices for the IoT craze that is happening right now (and will be mainstream in a short time), pick up one of these LinkIt One boards from MediaTek Labs, it comes with Cellular, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and amazing audio built right on the board. It is by far my favorite board I own.